Google Handles 115 Billion Searches a Month

Whether you are a professional information researcher with decades of experience or just learning your way around the Internet, as the following chart shows, we all use Google. All the time. For everything. But even as efficient as Google is, when you are panning for information gold, you’ll need an expert information researcher who knows where the best nuggets are hidden.

Statista, which is itself a gold mine for information researchers, offers details on the sheer volume of online searches on Google and other top search engines. When you need an information navigator to help you find just the gold nugget you are looking for Romainiacs can help.

In December 2012, more than 175 billion online searches were conducted worldwide. That is 65,000 searches per second, of which 65 percent were handled by market leader Google. According to recent comScore data, the U.S. search giant handled an overwhelming 115 billion searches in December, distancing its strongest competitor Baidu by more than 100 billion searches. About 8.2 percent of global searches were conducted on Baidu in December thanks to the company’s strong position in China. Yahoo surprisingly claimed the third rank, with 4.9 percent of all searches conducted on Yahoo’s sites. It should be noted that Yahoo’s search is powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine, but comScore tracks the site on which a search is conducted rather than the underlying search engine. With 2.8 percent of searches, Microsoft fell from fourth place in the ranking to Russian competitor Yandex, who handled 2.8 percent of all searches.

Today’s first chart shows the number of searches handled by leading search sites in December 2012.


When it comes to the number of searchers, Google’s market dominance is just as impressive.

In December, 77 percent of the 1.52 billion search engine users worldwide conducted a Google search at least once. That’s 1.17 billion Google users, as opposed to 293 million users of Baidu and 292 million users of Yahoo’s search. Microsoft’s Bing was used by 267 million people in December, clearly distancing Yandex in terms of reach.

Our second chart shows the number of unique individuals using the top 5 search sites in December 2012.