We provide clients with in-depth research from curated and open source databases, implement current awareness services, and deliver competitive intelligence assessments using primary research, one-on-one interviews, and global information sources. Romainiacs provides market-leading information insights to keep you on the cutting edge.

Recent Projects:
  • Conducting a confidential win/loss analysis for a major information industry provider investigating client retention, sentiment and satisfaction. Project deliverables included one-on-one interviews, research analysis and a presentation to senior management.
  • Conducting one-on-one “voice of the customer” interviews for a portfolio study for an electronic database provider.
  • Producing market segmentation of donors and transparency research for an International NGO.
  • Improving the collaboration and transparency for The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) through a current awareness tool and detailed taxonomy that integrates internal and external information streams, including Lexis/Nexis.
  • Conducting secondary research for the investors in a biomedical device company focused on innovating its product line.
  • Providing discreet competitive intelligence research for information industry business.
  • Obtaining materials science research solutions for a Fortune 500 company with in-depth research in domestic and international databases.
  • Conducting confidential one-on-one interviews with the Deans of select engineering schools in order to identify opportunities and threats for an information industry provider.

Meet Cindy Romaine – Principal

Cindy Romaine has an extensive background in corporate information research. She is focused on driving business growth through content strategy, competitive intelligence, information research and intelligent analysis.

Cindy’s experience includes 16 years at Nike, Inc., where she was responsible for the strategic global information resources for a world-class design community.

Cindy actively participates in the professional community of information researchers at all levels. She was the 2011 President of the international Special Libraries Association, leading 10,000 members in 73 countries. She is a recipient of the Center of Excellence award from SLA. As President, her focus was to encourage members to become Future Ready and to that end, she launched a daily blog at www.futureready365.sla.org, which garnered more than 4.4 million hits and had 400,000 unique visits in 12 months.

Cindy has a Master’s in Library and Information Science from the University of Washington.