Break Glass In Case of Emergency!

break-glass-1546171-639x618Many of my business relationships are built on long-term partnerships. They ebb and flow like the seasons, but they also endure through business cycles. Recently I got a note from a contact who told me she had saved one of my Linked In messages from a year and a half ago because she knew she’d need my win/loss analysis skills eventually. I liked that – she didn’t have budget in the current cycle, but she had a plan, and Romainiacs was in it.

She’d recently been promoted, and once the dust cleared and she got her arms around all the new challenges, she could plainly see that the path forward was going to require new customer feedback. Have you heard the saying: “In God we trust, all others must bring data?” Win/loss analysis will do just that, through one-on-one in-depth interviews with clients and prospects.

With business conditions changing constantly, it’s good to check in and get an up-to-date reading of your client’s issues—in their words. One of my favorite parts about conducting win/loss analysis for repeat customers is that you don’t just discover what’s happening with your customers at a particular point in time, you also gain insights into trends that play out over longer periods.

Whatever the case, how long has it been since you conducted a targeted exploration of your customers? How long has it been since you systematically examined, in a targeted way, what is causing you to lose accounts, or why you are able to hold on to clients for the long term? A periodic examination of what’s important to your clients is always enlightening. You don’t want to wait for a crisis, where you’re losing market share and need to move quickly. But rest assured that even if that’s the case, Romainiacs will be there to help.